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Town Hall: McMaster Draft RDM Institutional Strategy

Research Data Management (RDM) Services and Institutional Strategy Working Group developed a Draft RDM Institutional Strategy and held a virtual Town Hall to gather feedback from faculty, graduate students, research staff, and other McMaster researchers across disciplines.

In March 2021, CIHR, NSERC, and SSHRC released the Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy to advance Canadian research excellence and ensure that publicly funded research is supported by sound RDM and data stewardship practices. Each postsecondary institution eligible to administer Tri-Agency funds is required to develop an institutional RDM strategy that outlines “…how the institution will provide its researchers with an environment that enables and supports RDM.” Upcoming requirements for researchers will include data management plans (DMPs) and data deposit.

Matthew Lucas, Executive Director, Corporate Strategy and Performance with the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) opened this Town Hall on behalf of the Tri-Agencies with a presentation on the new RDM Policy. McMaster RDM Services then shared McMaster’s Draft RDM Institutional Strategy and how it was developed. Finally, we opened the floor for researcher feedback and any supports, training, and resources required to meet RDM requirements and best practices to ensure McMaster’s RDM environment aligns with researchers’ RDM needs.

Presentation by Danica Evering and Isaac Pratt, Research Data Management Specialists. Book an appointment with Isaac, Danica, or another member of the Sherman Centre Team.

Town Hall recording

View the original here.

Town Hall slides

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Resources referenced during the presentation:

Tri-Agency RDM documents

McMaster Resources

Data Management Plans

Data deposit & sharing