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Depositing & Sharing Data Online with McMaster Dataverse

Are you thinking of sharing your data for re-use by other researchers? Have you been asked to share your data by a journal or funder? Are you worried about the long term accessibility of your data? Join Danica Evering (Research Data Management Specialist) for this workshop on how to deposit your data on McMaster Dataverse for archival, preservation, and sharing. Learn more about how openly sharing data can benefit you and the research community, and how online repositories are helping to improve the availability of research data.

Presentation by Danica Evering and Emilie Altman, Research Data Management Specialists. Book an appointment with Danica, Emilie, or another member of the Sherman Centre Team.

Workshop recording

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Workshop slides

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Resources referenced during the presentation:

Tri-Agency RDM documents

McMaster Resources

Preparing a Dataset for Deposit

Data Repositories

Previous session recordings

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