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Crash Course: Digital Tools to Ace Grad School

Start your research off on the right track using digital tools. In this session Jeff Demaine (Bibliometrics Librarian) and Danica Evering (Research Data Management Specialist) will introduce you to research impact and research data management tools you can use to organize your research and create a researcher profile.

Your profile as a researcher should be a story that you create. Learn how to distinguish yourself from other researchers using a free ORCiD account that will automatically showcase all your academic activities. Learn how to organize and document your data to save time and make your life easier. Follow a few simple tips to keep your data safe and securely store your research data so your thesis isn’t taken down by a hard drive failure.

Presentation by Jeffrey Demaine, Bibliometrics and Research Impact Librarian; and Danica Evering, Research Data Management Specialist. Book an appointment with Danica, Jeff, or another member of the Sherman Centre Team.

Workshop recording

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Research Data Management slides

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How to Set up your ORCiD ID slides

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Resources referenced during the presentation:

Data Management Plans

Research Data Discovery Platforms and Search Engines

Secure your research