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Building a Digital Exhibit

View the original video here.

Step by step instructions:

  • Select Sites from the left navigation pane and click Add new site.
  • Give your exhibit a title and select a theme for your exhibit from the Theme tab.
  • Select Pages from the left navigation pane. You will see that Omeka has created a default Welcome page for you. You can either delete this page (by clicking on the trash can icon) and start from scratch by selecting Add new page, or you can edit the content on the default Welcome page by clicking on the page title.

Adding Content Blocks

  • Add media or text to your exhibit by using content blocks.
  • From the Add new block window on the right, choose either HTML (for text), Media Embed (for one or more archival items), or Item Showcase (for multiple archival items displayed side by side).
  • Add media to the content block by clicking on Add Attachment and selecting the archival item you wish to use from the pane on the right. You can Filter the items by searching for your specific Item Set.
  • Once you’ve attached your media you can edit the image size (Thumbnail), layout (Alignment), and choose whether or not to display the item’s title from the metadata (Show attachment title).
  • To save your layout click Save in the top right corner.
  • To see what your exhibit looks like from the public side select View.
  • To return to the backend to make additional edits select Edit.

Adding Multiple Pages

  • Select Pages from the left navigation pane.
  • Here you will see all of the pages in your Omeka Site. You can add a new page by clicking on Add new page in the top right corner.
  • Give your new page a title and select Add to Navigation if you want this page to be accessible from your exhibit’s navigation menu.
  • Select Add in the top right corner and now you have another page in your digital exhibit.
  • You can add content and media to this page by following the instructions listed above.

There are many other features in Omeka S, but these are the basic steps to creating a digital exhibit. If you have questions about any of these steps or other Omeka S features, proceed to the Learn More page to register for our virtual drop-in session.