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Adding Items

View the original video here.

Step by step instructions:

  • From within your Item Set click on View items and select Add new item in the top right corner.
  • To add an item in Omeka you need to have a) the metadata and b) the media (or the digital asset i.e., a high resolution scan or photograph of the item).


  • First select a Resource template. Use BaseResource.
  • Then select a Class depending on the type of item you are uploading (e.g., dataset, still image, physical object, etc.).
  • Next, you will populate your selected metadata fields. It will be up to you to decide which fields to include based on the nature of your research project or digital exhibit. But it is recommended that you include at least Title, Type, Identifier, and Rights.
  • Once you’ve added all of the metadata select Add in the top right corner.


  • Once you’ve saved your metadata by clicking Add in the top right corner it is time to upload your digital asset.
  • Click on the Media tab and select Upload from the pane on the right.
  • Click on Choose file, locate your file, and select Add in the top right corner.
  • Now you have uploaded both the metadata and the media for your digital asset.

Assign to Item Set

  • The final step is to assign this item to your Item Set. To do this click on the Item Set tab at the top and select the desired Item Set from the pane on the right.

n.b., If you are still working on the metadata for your item, or are waiting for information about permissions and rights, you can keep the item private by selecting the eye icon in the top right corner. When you are ready to make the item public, simply click on the eye again and you will no longer see a strike through the icon. This means the item can be viewed publicly.

Once you’ve added a few Items to your Item Set you are ready to proceed to Step 3: Building a Digital Exhibit.