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Workshop Title Slide

Enhancing Your Digital Exhibit: Customization and Interactive Elements in Omeka S

Create next level digital exhibits! We will use HTML5 to customize the appearance of your Omeka S digital exhibit and add interactive elements to your website.

Workshop Preparation

This workshop is suited to folks who are already using Omeka S. If you would like to learn about the Omeka S digital exhibit platform, watch the Sherman Centre’s asynchronous learning module “Introduction to Digital Exhibits with Omeka S” ahead of this workshop and create an exhibit to work on.

Facilitator Bio

Devon Mordell is an Educational Developer at The MacPherson Institute for Teaching and Learning. Devon draws on her experience in media art, hobbyist programming and instructional design to teach workshops for the Sherman Centre. Her areas of interest in digital scholarship include data visualization, computational analyses of texts, sonification and critical digital humanities. Her research practice explores the algorithmic culture industry and platform psychogeography.